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Outdoor Micro Emergency Energy Storage System

Not only does the battery need to be light and small-sized to fit into miniaturized designs,
but also remain safe all over a long-life expectancy.

Camping Emergency Power Supply

Emergency Application

When a disaster such as an earthquake causes major power outage,electric power supply disruption to regular light apparatus may affect evacuation.In addition,darkness as a result of the outage may bring panic to people's psychology,leading to secondary disasters.

Outdoor Micro Emergency Energy Storage System guidance lights coupled with rechargeable batteries,so that as many people as possible can be guided to evacuation sites safely in the event of major outage.

Solar Emergency Battery with SOS LED,make a SOS light signal when looking for rescue. The solar panel could absorb light and transfer it into electricity. It could be used for emergency when you are in outdoor activities. Bright LED flashlight will be very helpful in outside at night. SOS lights will give you some help while meeting emergency.

Not only does the battery need to be light and small-sized to fit into miniaturized designs, but also remain safe all over a long-life expectancy. Another crucial point for the battery is to be able to operate in a wide range of temperatures (for both indoor and outdoor usages), while offering a stable output voltage throughout the device’s lifetime.

Battery For Mobile Cellular Base Station

Camping Light

Application Camping lights and lanterns are essential sources of power for camping and backpacking tours. Changing batteries can be a pain when you are camping or trekking. This is why there is a wide range of lighting products that work on solar and wind power.

Camping lights are easy to install and require virtually no maintenance. This elegant solar lighting solution provides a greater sense of safety during low light conditions. As self-contained units with their own fixtures and power systems, the lights can be installed quickly and effortlessly. They also use chips to provide a wide range of lighting intensity depending on the environment.

Camping Lantern

After the sun goes to sleep, the stars come out to play—and with a lantern, you can, too. But hear us out: The lanterns on this list aren’t the heavy, old-school variety you might think of when you first read the headline . They have LEDs and ridiculous brightness. Some have solar panels so they can soak up the sun’s rays for extra run time, and others have hidden power packs to charge your devices. There’s even one that you can manually crank for more light after the batteries peter out.

Camping flash and dimmable, there are 3 main lighting modes, flashlight mode, SOS strobe emergency light mode, and lantern mode. Each light mode has 2 kinds of strong light and low light, and it can be adjusted cyclically between a button.