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Latest Technology

We use the safest,environmentally friendly LiFeP04 technology.

All-in-One Solutiony

Smart energy management system supports multiple applications.

Lowest Energy Cost

Competitively priced, easy to install, and high round-tripefficiency.

Safe Lasting

15 years experiences millions of hours safe operation

Why is energy storage necessary?

BESS battery energy storage system is very necessary in nowadays . Firs of all, when power failure,you can use the storage to supply electricity for daily use or make the PC dater backup. We can storage the power grid energy, but more about the renewable energy. Those cost savings could be passed on to customers. Community resiliency is essential in both rural and urban settings. Energy storage can help meet peak energy demands in densely populated cities, reducing strain on the grid and minimizing spikes in electricity costs.


JB Battery Manufacturer

JB BATTERY, a BESS battery energy storage system manufacturers. we pride ourselves on bringing commercial and households energy storage products they can depend on, built from the highest quality, highest powered lithium iron phosphate lifepo4 battery.

JB Battery OEM&ODM lithium-ion battery pack for large-scale energy storage system,grid-scale battery storage system,utility-scale battery storage system,microgrid ESS energy storage system and integrated energy storage system for household,hospital,school and other public energy storage.We can offer the whole solution of battery energy storage systems including the solar panels,solar inverter generator and lithium ion battery for energy storage,at JB Battery,we give you the best solar generator for off-grid living with renewable energy storage.

Battery Energy Storage Sotutions

Household Energy Storage

Save the photovoltaic power for the daily household use.

Telecom Tower Battery System

Intelligent BMS with minimal personnel intervention required.

Outdoor Equipment Power Supply

Solar power supply for the off-grid equipments.

UPS Backup Battery System

Support data backup when encountering a sudden power failure.

How to store energy in your house?

Battery storage systems store electricity, such as from a solar system or the electricity grid, for use at another time.
Battery systems can vary in size. For example:
small systems (1 kilowatt hour (kWh) to 12kWh) for households or small to medium businesses
large systems (up to and over 200kWh) for business
grid-scale systems (up to and over 1 megawatt hour) operated by electricity generators and network providers.