Utility-scale Energy Storage System

Large scale battery energy storage currently dominates in terms of overall energy storage capacity.

Large-scale Battery Storage System

Enhancing Your Network

Thw way electricity is consumed is changing with the increase of renewables and distributed energy generation. With innovative battery storage, we have the capabilities to create an energy network for the future the future which improves system utilization and drives enconomic growth.

Utility-scale battery storage also referred to as large-scale battery storage or grid-scale battery storage, is vital in enabling the transition to a global energy mix that has an increased share of renewable energy generation. For network operators, JB Battery storage solutions can provide grid services such as frequency response, capacity reserve, and ramp rate control. They can also defer investments in upgrading or reinforcing grid infrastructure and can deliver transmission capacity support by supplying power at distributed locations.

Utility-scale battery storage systems can enable greater penetration of variable renewable energy into the grid by storing any excess generated energy and smoothing out the energy output in a process called capacity firming. When combined with renewable energy generators, such as wind, hydro, or solar (PV), our battery storage solutions can unlock the full potential of renewable energy by providing more reliable and far less expensive electricity in isolated grids and off-grid communities, that would otherwise need to rely on expensive imported diesel for their electricity generation.

Increasing Energy Flexibility & Reliability

JB Battery utility battery storage systems have a storage capacity ranging from a few megawatt-hours (MWh) to hundreds of MWh. We utilize the very best in battery technology within our battery storage systems designed for grid applications, which include lithium iron phosphate (LiFeP04) and valve regulated lead acid (VRLA). Our battery storage can be connected to power generation assets or transmission and distribution networks increasing flexibility in power systems and enabling optimal use of renewable energy sources.

The increasing share of renewable energy sources within the global energy mix calls for a more flexible and resilient energy system to make sure that renewable sources are integrated in the most efficient and reliable way. Power Sonic's large scale battery storage solutions increase flexibility and reliability within the energy network enabling optimal use of intermittent renewable electricity sources. More flexibility is delivered due to our battery storage's unique ability to respond lightning fast to import, store and export electricity.

Utility-scale Battery Storage

Large-scale energy storage ensures electricity supply can match demand. It enables the shift to variable renewables and curbs emissions from polluting “peaker” plants.
Utilities have long operated on the model of producing sufficient electricity to meet demand in real time. To supplement large coal, gas, or nuclear plants, they rev up highly polluting “peaker” plants as needed. Energy storage—daily, multiday, and longer-term or seasonal—is vital to reduce peaker emissions and accommodate the shift to variable renewables, namely wind and solar.

How does a utility store large amounts of electricity? One option is pumping water from lower reservoirs into higher ones, ideally 1,500 feet higher. The water is released back down into the lower reservoir as needed and runs through power-generating turbines. There are more than 200 pumped-storage systems in the world at present, accounting for 97 percent of global storage capacity.

Concentrated solar power plants are also at the forefront of energy storage, where molten salt is used to hold heat until it is needed to generate electricity. Then, there are batteries at scale. Dozens of start-ups and established companies are racing to create low-cost, low-toxicity, and safe batteries that will revolutionize energy storage, while some utilities are already installing banks of lithium-ion batteries to help meet peak demand.

Scalable Energy Storage Solutins

Unlike more conventional storage systems, such as pumped hydro storage, battery storage has a number of advantages including flexibility of location and sizing. This means battery storage systems can be deployed closer to the actual locations where flexibility and scalability is needed. Installation of pumped hydro storage, as an example, requires specific geographical conditions. Our battery storage systems are fully scalable in modules and can scale up to the hundreds of megawatt-hours.

Large scale battery energy storage currently dominates in terms of overall energy storage capacity, however deployment of smaller scale battery storage solutions and commercial battery storage have seen an increase in demand. Whatever size battery energy storage system you require and whatever the application JB Battery can help you discover the right solution for you.

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