Focuses on smart energy storage services, covers the overall solutions of R&D, production system integration and intelligent operation of energy storage products.


An energy storage system is something that can store energy so that it can be used later as electrical energy. The most popular type of ESS is a battery system and the most common battery system is lithium-ion battery. These systems can pack a lot of energy in a small envelope, that is why some of the same technology is also used in electric vehicles, power tools, and our cell phones. ESS are often installed in homes to supplement solar panels, but they can also be used to offset the price of electricity by charging when electricity is cheap and discharging when it is more expensive. JB BATTERY is one of the world's leading suppliers of BESS products. These include electric power and control systems, battery energy storage system, emergency power supply, outdoor power supply solution, lithium ion battery, custom battery pack and so on. Each product is tailored to client life cycle requirements and guarantees performance, reliability and safety.

48V 100Ah Household Energy Storage Battery, high power Lithium Battery pack,AC/solar charging,4800Wh Rechargeable Backup Lithium Battery,110V/220V Pure Sine Wave AC Outlet for Home,Office ,Emergency power supply

Product Character:

1. No explode, no fire, no leakage.
2. Avoid insol...

Electrical Parameter

Chemistry                                                                     Lithium Iron Phosphate

Rated voltage                                                              48V

Rate capacity                                                               51.2V

Energy                                                                         4800Wh

Cycle life                                                                      > 4000 cycles 80% DOD

Internal Impedance                                                     <50 mΩ


Operating Parameter

Charge voltage                                                              53.2V

Charge current                                                              50A

Max.Charge current                                                      100A

Discharge cut-off voltage                                             37.5V

Discharge current                                                         50A

Max.Discharge current                                                 100A

Discharge temperature                                                -20~55℃

Charge temperature                                                     0~55℃

Storage temperature                                                    -10~45℃


Manchanical Parameter

Weight                                                                          48KG

Dimension(Wx D x H)mm                                             440x185x562

Protection                                                                    IP30

The popularization of household energy storage batteries is an essential step towards the future. In the end, a low-carbon economy will increasingly rely on decentralized and fluctuating renewable energy supply.

Household energy storage lithium battery packs have a service life of more than ten years, modular design, multiple energy storage units can be connected in parallel more flexibly, simple, fast, and significantly improve energy storage and utilization.

The grid-connected home energy storage system consists of five parts, 0including solar cell array, grid-connected inverter, BMS management system, lithium battery pack, and AC load. The system adopts a mixed power supply of photovoltaic and energy storage systems. When the mains power is average, the photovoltaic grid-connected system and the mains supply power to the load; when the mains power fails, the energy storage system and the photovoltaic grid-connected system are jointly powered.

The off-grid home energy storage system is independent and does not have any electrical connection to the grid. Therefore, the entire system does not need a grid-connected inverter, and the photovoltaic inverter can meet the requirements. Off-grid home energy storage systems are divided into three working modes.

Mode 1: Photovoltaic provides energy storage and user electricity (sunny day);

Mode 2: Photovoltaic and energy storage batteries provide user electricity (cloudy);

Mode 3: Energy storage The battery supplies electricity to the user (evening and rainy days).


JB Battery carbon-steel enclosure is a weather-resistant battery bank housing and wiring solution with built-in shelving. They include terminal blocks for electrical wiring in parallel, busbar-to-terminal block battery cabling, and terminal block to inverter cabling when ordered.

Energy Storage Lithium Battery Cell Model Specification Table

No.TypeCapacityMaximum output currentDimension(mm)Gross weight of packing boxBattery life cycleWorking tempreture
1Ultra-Light 22.2Wh/400APeak6000mAh/ Li-ion battery200A/1S135*76*149.6KG1000times-2O~6O°C
2Ultra-Light 22.2Wh/400A Peak6000mAh/ Li-ion battery200A/1S142*80*16.59.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
3Ultra-Light 22.2Wh/400APeak6000mAh/ Li-ion battery200A/1S143*81*17.59.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
4Ultra-Light 44.4Wh/600A Peak12000mAh/ Li-ion battery300A/1S193*86.5*41.59.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
5Ultra-Light 44.4Wh/600A Peak12000mAh/ Li-ion battery300A/1S170*80*309.0KG1000times-2O~6O°C
6Ultra-Light 37Wh/800APeaKl0000mAh/ Li-ion battery400A/1S155*80*H259.0KG1000times-2O~6O°C
7Ultra-Light 44.4Wh/600A Peak12000mAh/ Li-ion battery300A/1S172*85*3513KG1000times-2O~6O°C
8Ultra-Light 66.6Wh/800A Peak18000mAh/ Li-ion battery400A/1S184*91*399.0KG1000times-2O~6O°C
9Ultra-Light 66.6Wh/800A Peak18000mAh/ Li-ion battery400A/1S184*91*399.3KG1000times-2O~6O°C
10Ultra-Light55.5Wh/1200A Peak15000mAh/ Li-ion battery600A/1S215*85*258.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
11Ultra-Light55.5Wh/1200A Peak15000mAh/ Li-ion battery600A/1S180*90*358.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
12Ultra-Ligh44.4Wh/1500A Peak12000mAh/ Li-ion battery800A/1S184*91*398.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
13Ultra-Ligh66.6Wh/1500A Peak18000mAh/ Li-ion battery1000A/1S203*104*288.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
14Ultra-Ligh66.6Wh/2000A Peak18000mAh/ Li-ion battery1000A/1S203*104*288.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
15Ultra-Ligh66.6Wh/2000A Peak18000mAh/ Li-ion battery1000A/1S231*241*938.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C
16Inverter Power AC POWER Wave Pure Sine Wave 300W2200mAh-3S-10P300W pure sine wave 300W265*130*150/1000times-2O~6O°C
17Ultra-Ligh92.5Wh/2500A Peak25000mAh/ Li-ion battery1200A/1S210*85*308.7KG1000times-2O~6O°C