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Lithium battery power Supply for low speed vechicle, electric Vehicle, golf cart, forklift truck, marine, E-Boat, E-Bike, AWP, lawn tractor, mower, floor Cleaning Machine, snowmobile, wheelchair, mobility, JB BATTERY is one of the world's leading suppliers of BESS products. These include electric power and control systems, battery energy storage system, emergency power supply, outdoor power supply solution, lithium ion battery, custom battery pack and so on. Each product is tailored to client life cycle requirements and guarantees performance, reliability and safety.

72V100Ah Golf cart and RV Lithium Iron battery pack,Deep Cycle LiFePO4 Battery Pack, high-power lithium battery pack, Longer Runtime with 1.2kWh, 4000+ Cycle, Perfect for Solar System, low-speed car battery,Backup Power, Off-Grid and Marine Applications

Product Character:

1. LiFePo4 deep-cycle power, safe&stable
2. 80...


Chemistry                                                           Lithium Iron Phosphate

Voltage                                                               76.8V

Capacity                                                             100Ah

KWh                                                                    7.68KWh


Max Continuous Discharge                                  150A

Max Peak Discharge                                             300A

Max Charge Voltage                                             87.6V

Max Charge Current                                             50A

Suggested Charge Current                                   20A

BMS Protections                                                   Over-charge ,over-discharge, low- voltage,short-circuit protection


Warranty                                                                 2Year

Weight&Size                                                           65KG/1015*335*247mm

Certifications                                                           ISO,CE,UL,UN38.3,PSE,ROHS,FCC

Life cycle

LiFePO4 has a long life cycle as compared to other batteries and has 1,000-10,000 cycles. Lithium iron phosphate has an excellent discharge rate and has less degradation at high temperatures. Because of their extended life features, you can use these batteries for various applications.

High performance LiFePO4

Equipped with our performance LiFePO4 cells, our lithium iron phosphate was designed specifically for your golf carts, utility carts, electric forklifts, and other industrial applications. Plus, equipped with our proprietary advanced BMS, you can guarantee safe, efficient power within a wide temperature range, precise over and under voltage protection, and much more!

Save cost

Warehouses across the country have seen the benefits of upgrading their forklift and golf cart to lithium-ion, saving space and weight, reducing cost, eliminating maintenance, and cutting down significantly on charging time. The lithium iron phosphate can guarantee you all these benefits and more. We designed this kit to be an all in one, plug and play solution for your machine and you’ll see and feel the difference.