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JB Battery is best electric 4×4 utility vehicle UTV lithium battery manufacturer,all-terrain vehicle batteries supplier,1300W 48V lithium electric mid size ATV battery pack factory JB BATTERY is one of the world's leading suppliers of BESS products. These include electric power and control systems, battery energy storage system, emergency power supply, outdoor power supply solution, lithium ion battery, custom battery pack and so on. Each product is tailored to client life cycle requirements and guarantees performance, reliability and safety.

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Product Character:

1. It can basically meet the replacement requirement of l...


Chemistry                                                                    Lithium Iron Phosphate

Rated Voltage                                                             12V

Capacity                                                                      60Ah

KWh                                                                            0.768KWh

Nominal Voltage                                                         12.8V

Continuous charging current                                      0.2C

Continuous discharge current                                     0.5C

IP code                                                                         IP67

Cycle life(room temperature)                                      ≥4000 times, capacity retention rate of 80%.

Operation temperature                                               -20~60℃

Dimension(mm: L*W*H)                                              274*196*221


JB Battery is engineered for maximum starting power in any climate. That means you can relax knowing you'll get your car started, even on the coldest or hottest of days.

Designed to deliver superior reliability, starting power and provide an increased battery lifespan. Built to meet and exceed vehicle starting and reserve capacity power requirements.Maintenance free for maximum convenience. Stamped grid technology is designed to minimize corrosion that leads to premature battery failure, the most frequently replaced vehicle component according to market research.

Stamped grid technology is reliable and built to last. It's nearly three times more corrosion resistant, making it more durable than other grid designs. Based on comparison to other grid designs in real world fleet testing.The Stamped grid technology pattern is optimized for full grid utilization, providing more than 60% superior electrical flow for better connectivity.