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Smart Grid Scale And Micro-grid ESS Energy Storage Power with lithium ion battery storage can be used for off-grid application,large-scale battery storage systems,microgrid battery storage system,camping life power supply, outdoor emergency power supply, power for lights, electronics equipments, electronics charging, light signal. JB BATTERY is one of the world's leading suppliers of BESS products. These include electric power and control systems, battery energy storage system, emergency power supply, outdoor power supply solution, lithium ion battery, custom battery pack and so on. Each product is tailored to client life cycle requirements and guarantees performance, reliability and safety.

6.4V20Ah All-in-One Lantern and Device Charger,Rechargeable LED Camping Lighting Fixture Camping Lantern with Magnet Base and 0.128kwh power Charger for Mobile, Survival Kit for Emergency, Hurricane, Outage

Product Character:

1. SOS Call for Rescue and Beidou System Positioning Func...


Battery Type                                                                 Lithium Iron Phosphate

Voltage                                                                         6.4V

Capacity                                                                       20Ah

KWh                                                                             0.128kwh

Charge current                                                             0.2C

DC output voltage                                                       12V

Rechargeable                                                               USB and solar

Cycle life(room temperature)                                      ≥4000 times, capacity retention rate of 80%.

Weight                                                                         2.5kg

More funcition                                                            Lighting, music, SOS, GPS Location

Dimension(mm: L*W*H)                                              Customized size support


Camping lanterns certainly have come a long way over the past few decades, with modern designs boasting impressive integrated tech and charging capabilities. JB Battery 2-in-1 Power Lantern is a shining example of the ongoing innovation within the market: The lantern sports a built-in solar panel that recharges the battery when exposed to sunlight (you can also recharge it more quickly via the USB) and a single port for repowering electronics should you run out in the wilderness. the JB Battery is an excellent and highly compressible option for off-grid adventures when you have limited space and access to power.

A pathway of tents stand sentry by day, transforming at night, illuminating the nocturnal landscape in an array of lights synchronized to the tuning of an old radio, snippets of sound and music emerging from a static fuzz. A shifting soundscape, pulses and streams of light through the installation are abruptly interrupted by the urgent Morse code international distress signal.

It offers everything you need for lighting in one compact, waterproof package. Use the flashlight setting for shore landings at night or as a 360º viewable white light for paddling. Switch to a red/green setting to use as an auxiliary boating light or switch to the super bright 1 watt LED strobe or S.O.S signal for emergency use.