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BESS for off-grid sources

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Energy Storage System stores energy to ensure you have a steady flow of power even when the grid or off-grid sources of power are unavailable.

JB Battery has a a patented Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). We were specifically developed for storing an electric charge by using specially developed batteries. The stored energy can then be utilized at a later time.

What is a Battery Storage System?

A Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) is a system that stores energy using a particular battery technology, to be used at a later time. The energy storage system is used to ensure that there is a steady flow of power even when the main grid or off grid sources of power are unavailable. The term “BESS” is a generic term which is formed by a wide range of different battery technologies.

What is a JB Battery Energy Storage System?

Years of research by our engineer team has led to battery storage advances that have shaped the concept of a Smart Battery Energy Storage System into a commercial reality.

Essentially, all JB Battery Energy Storage Systems capture energy and store it for use at a later time or date. The JB BESS has distinct advantage over other storage technologies as it has small footprint and no restrictions on on geographical locations where it could be located.


There are a number of different benefits to VerdeVault Energy Storage Systems, here are a few of the most important benefits to consider:

can respond in milliseconds, thereby making the supply of power much more reliable
with our JB BATTERY intelligent software, JB BATTERY BESS installations can track a facility’s load, reduce demand charges by dispatching battery power during periods of peak demand, and effectively “flatten” the load.
keep your business online during periods of grid outage.

cleaner air: unlike dirty diesel backup generators, a JB BATTERY energy storage system has no air emissions
no water required for operation: use energy storage system with confidence in areas where water is scarce, knowing that the system will never compete with other water uses like agriculture.

capable of shifting consumption of electricity from expensive periods of high demand to periods of lower cost electricity during low demand
highly responsive, real-time tracking of your facility’s power demands to minimize your power costs and prevent disruption to your operations during grid outages improves your facility’s overall efficiency.

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