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The Best Top Utility-Scale Battery Storage Companies And Manufacturers In The World

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The Best Top Utility-Scale Battery Storage Companies And Manufacturers In The World

Utility-scale battery storage companies are becoming more popular across the world. Battery storage systems are turning out to be the preferred option when they are paired with renewable energy sources such as solar and wind. The efficiency of energy generation has improved massively over the years due to these battery storage systems.
Are you looking to explore some of the top utility-scale battery storage companies worldwide? If I am right about you, then you have come to the right place. This post will be dishing out some of the best companies in the battery storage business.

containerized battery energy storage system
containerized battery energy storage system

Nextra Energy
Nextra Energy has obviously set itself apart as one of the most trusted names in America when it comes to the battery storage business. This company is chiefly noted for its ability to supply electrical power to more than 5,000,000 residents in the state of Florida. Along with its subsidiaries or affiliates, Nextra Energy has been regarded as the largest generator of renewable energy globally. They are known for generating a large amount of solar and wind energy. Also, they happen to be one of the leading names when it comes to battery systems.

Toshiba is a well-known name in the technology industry. They are known for most of their outstanding tech products. It will also surprise you that they are one of the emerging powerhouses in battery storage. Their energy storage is unique as it combines two technologies – SCIB and DC/AC converter.
Toshiba’s energy storage solutions are inarguably efficient and durable because they deploy stability and peak load controls. Toshiba is a reliable company you can fall back to in this regard.

Tesla has shown that a lot of things are achievable in the world of electrical energy. Set up in 2003, the company has become so successful that it is recognized as one of the best brands around the globe. When it comes to solar, electric vehicle, as well as energy storage systems, Tesla has remained a force to reckon with. Tesla has energy solutions like the Power pack and Powerwall that are just as successful like as Model 3, Model X, and Model S products. Tesla undoubtedly passes as one of the most reputable utility-scale battery storage companies.

General Electric
GE, as it is denoted, has been a popular name in the energy sector. They have remained one of the dominating forces in the American energy sector. For more than 13 decades, they have joined forces with other top companies to dictate the energy market. In a bid to be one of the best companies in the industry, General Electric has strived to offer the most innovative products. A good example is their Reservoir Energy Storage system, which makes it possible for energy to be seamlessly integrated across various power grids.

Siemens has been in operation long before General Electric found their way into the market. According to its company profile, Siemens is a more experienced company. Siemens was actually set up in 1847. Interestingly, Siemens happens to be the most prominent industrial manufacturer in the whole of Europe. In addition to impacting the energy industry, Siemens has also made their mark by participating in other sectors like infrastructure and healthcare.

Panasonic is also a household name in the tech space. Most of their solutions have a wide range of applications that cut across several areas. Their products are widely used in homes, businesses, and cars. It is interesting to note that Panasonic has equally found a place within the energy storage industry. One of the most popular segments in the company is known as Eco-solutions. Overtime, Panasonic has equally evolved and now ranks among the top utility-scale battery storage companies.

Johnson Controls
This is one of the oldest tech companies around. Johnson Controls was birthed in 1885. Among other things, the company is more focused on how best to achieve productivity, security, and sustainability. In recent years, Johnson Controls has been funding research and development in the area of smart communities, with a focus on more efficient energy systems. They are also investing lots of money into cutting-edge transportation and integral infrastructures. The company has been doing incredibly well in the energy market due to its outstanding solutions.

LG Chem
LC Chem is unsurprisingly another leading name in today’s energy market. For starters, they offer a highly efficient energy storage battery solution. As it is with all their products, LG likes to employ the latest cutting-edge technologies since that is how they can achieve optimal energy efficiency. With a reasonable market share, LG has been recognized as one of the most reassuring utility-scale battery storage companies. Users are also positive that this company is not resting on its oars, as indications show that they are striving to improve on their latest product.

RES is another name that is worth a mention in this article. That is because RES is a big energy company that we cannot ignore. The company is actually into different things like engineering, construction, development, as well as other project operations worldwide. RES manages and controls more than 16 gigawatts of power. The firm is known to provide several energy solutions designed and packaged to meet client’s needs. For obvious reasons, customers have never had any reason to doubt their patronage of the company.

Eversource Energy
Eversource delivers natural gas and electricity to millions of residents in Connecticut. They also supply water to those residents, and are acknowledged as being among the biggest energy firms around that region. Interestingly, this company has been slowly making its way into the utility battery storage market for some time now. And it is only fair to say that they have developed considerably in that regard.

containerized battery energy storage system
containerized battery energy storage system

Do you have any need to reach out to any of the utility-scale battery storage companies mentioned above? I recommend you visit the company’s website to know if they really fit the bill in terms of meeting your energy needs. The world of energy storage seems to be evolving every day, and the above firms remain some of the most reliable companies you can do business with.

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