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Public Energy Storage Companies And Utility-Scale Battery Storage Manufacturers To Watch Out In 2022

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Public Energy Storage Companies And Utility-Scale Battery Storage Manufacturers To Watch Out In 2022

Europe has stated their intention to have over 50% of the its bloc run on clean energy in less than a decade from now, as well as drastically cutting back on carbon emission by 2050. The only way they can achieve that is by investing in various clean energy sources, such as wind and solar power. Also, for such an investment to yield the expected results, the renewable energy produced needs to be saved for future use, where they can easily be accessed when energy demands increase. The renewable energy can be stored on individual buildings or the grid.
The main thing is that such policies have made Europe into a convenient ground for energy storage techs. As such, this post aims to reveal some of the most notable public energy storage companies in 2022.

public energy storage companies
public energy storage companies

Why Europe Is Very Serious About Battery Storage Systems?
As far as EU policy frameworks are concerned, there is a serious correlation between climate change and energy storage. That perfectly explains the governments’ plans to get a competitive, affordable, and sustainable energy supply across Europe. This policy is targeting areas like energy efficiency, decarbonization, as well as other green initiatives, which has made battery storage & manufacturing to be a supportive idea.
The process of manufacturing batteries can be tedious and unsustainable, making many people to question the prospects of an efficient energy storage system. Interestingly, one of the solutions to the above problem is to employ responsible working environments where workers’ safety is ensured, and used batteries can be easily recycled for future use.
Due to how the demand for energy storage is rising, there is every reason to believe that lithium ion batteries will be dominating the market. Let’s discuss some of the projects currently undertaken by public energy storage companies.

Siemens Energy & Fluence Lithuania Energy Storage Systems
A battery energy storage system installation will be happening in Lithuania very soon. Siemens and Fluence are the ones behind the project. Siemens is an American-German energy firm, while Fluence happens to be a leading name in energy storage, and can also operate in almost every part of the energy value chain.
According to a recent report, Siemens has won a contract to procure energy storage tech and other items required for system installations services. The contract is worth close to 109 million euros. The agreement includes 15 years maintenance services, design and installation of 4 transmission systems that will output a total of 200MW power & 200 MW-hours cap by the end of November this year. The terms of the agreement indicate that the battery storage system design would have been completed by now while the system should be ready for use by November of this year.

The Puertollano Solar’ PV Area
This solar project is happening in Spain. The capacity of the plant is 100MW. The system is meant to possess a 20MWh battery storage’ capacity. A hydrogen plant will also be included as part of the project. As one of the successful public energy storage companies, Iberdrola is the brain behind this project.
The 150 million euro setup will not only help cut back on carbon emissions by a significant value and but also provide employment for hundreds of people. Another good thing about this project is that it will run alongside a couple of clean energy technology innovations. The announcement of this project was made in 2019. The timeline for the project is 3 years, which means it should be completed by the end of 2022. This will represent a great improvement for Spain in terms of renewable energy applications.

Nyrstar-Balen Zinc Smelting Facility
Belgium does not have any natural energy resources. They are not as gifted as nations like Denmark that are rich in various natural energy resources. Belgium has a huge deficit in renewables. That has forced to country to be heavily dependent on gas, as well as other conventional energy forms, which is normally gotten via importation.
That is why citizens have been excited about Nyrstar-Balen new project to design and install the biggest battery storage system in Belgium. The storage system will be using lithium-ion batteries and will be capped at a capacity of 100 Megawatts. One reason that has necessitated the execution of this project is that it’s helping Belgium edge closer to a renewable future. Everyone is interested in this project to see how it pans out, given the fact that the country does not have sufficient renewable energy resources. As announced by Nyrstar, the project will be officially commissioned before the end of the year.

Fluence & ESB 210 MWh Battery Energy Storage’ Projects within Ireland
This is another remarkable energy storage project to look forward to. It will be happening in Ireland, and is championed by Fluence, one of the most notable public energy storage companies. The project will involve a couple of energy systems that will be situated in various locations in the country. The focus of this project is to ensure the replacement of several grid systems that are running on fossils fuels. Just like it is in other parts of Europe, they are also looking to dramatically reduce their carbon footprints in the shortest possible time.
This is a huge step in the right direction for the Irish government, as it shows how committed it is to achieving affordable, renewable, and reliable energy. For instance, Ireland has huge renewable energy goals, and are currently investing lots of money into energy storage technologies. Ireland already has six renewable power systems before adding another four of them in 2021. It is only fair to say that the nation intends to handle all their own renewable energy challenges squarely.

utility-scale battery storage manufacturers
utility-scale battery storage manufacturers

All these projects will bring about a massive improvement in the adoption of renewable energy sources. The need for renewables has become even more imperative considering some of the spillover effects of the Ukraine war. Public energy storage companies like the ones described above are constantly investing in research and development to move the potentials of battery storage systems to new heights.

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