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10 Best Lithium-Ion Solar Battery Supplier For Home Off-Grid Power System Use

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10 Best Lithium-Ion Solar Battery For Home Off-Grid Power System Use

Over the years, there are lots of li-ion batteries which have been manufactured and designed to power solar systems. Most of them have not lived up to expectations. If you have purchased any of such before, there is no doubt that you must be disappointed. This post will be revealing some of the best lithium-ion solar battery. Check them out below.

1 - SOK 200Ah Battery
With its excellent features and performance, it is easy to conclude that SOK 200Ah battery blows its competitors out of the water. This is due to its excellent performance and features once used to power solar systems. Its storage potentials are quite massive given the price it tends to command. Is this probably the best lithium-ion solar battery amongst others? Find out more below from its features.

• The electricity that it holds is more than 2600Wh
• Its lifecycle is around 4000-8000
• It comes with a 7year warranty
• Its BMS is of very high quality

2 - Lion UT 1300
There is a huge debate on whether Lion UT 1300 is the best lithium-ion battery. Trying to dispute such view is difficult though given its impressive features and functionalities. When it comes to powering a solar system without thinking about disappointment, this battery can live up to the occasion. It has been a complete definition of portability, affordability and durability.

Most batteries do not even have shell-life of 48hours. This means once they have been fully charged, they can hardly hold power for up to 48hours. However, Lion UT 1300 is different because its shell life is more than 48months. That is 2years which is quite incredible. Some of its features are:
• Compact and lightweight
• Its lifecycle is more than 3500
• It is affordable
• It comes with a lifetime warranty

3 - Tesla Powerwall 2
Many people believe that Tesla has been successful only as an automobile company. This is not true in any way as it has shown class in other areas. One of such is manufacturing of high-quality lithium-ion batteries over the years. Its Powerwall has been very sensational. Some of its features are:

• It comes with a usable capacity of around 13.5kWh
• It comes with an in-built inverter system. This means if you have already installed a solar panel before, the battery can convert the DC current to AC current.
• Its design supports high energy density
• It is only available in one size

4 - Enphase Encharge
Emphasis Energy has been one of the undisputed leaders in the industry. There is no doubting the fact that Enphase Enlarge is in a world of its own. It has not just been built to store energy from solar panels. In addition to such, it can function as the all-in-one hub for the energy system of your home. One of its most outstanding features remain the automatic detection of grid outage. Other features are:

• It is a modular battery. This means it can be increased by up to around 3.5kW
• It comes with a smart switch. Depending on your needs, it can toggle between power generation, battery, solar and grid.
• It can function excellently as backup power in the case of outage

5 - Generac PWRcell
This is another recommended li-ion battery for solar systems. In fact, there have been series of debates amongst end-users. Most of them claim that Generac PWRcell is the best lithium-ion solar battery. Given its features, you can tell that they are not far from the truth. These are listed below:

• High power rating and capacity as compared to most batteries
• Its modular design enables you to have its storage expanded. It can be increased up to around 36kWh
• Power is effectively managed by its SMMs (Smart Management Modules)

6 - Vivint Solar LG Chem
Vivint Solar has managed to partner with some of the most notable and powerful brands in the field of battery production. Its products are breathtaking given their excellent features. Vivint Solar LG Chem may be expensive but it is worth every penny. Given its intelligent management technology, power usage will become very simple. Some of its features are:

• It comes with 10-year warranty
• Its solar batteries are known for optimum performance
• It is very safe for both outdoor and indoor installations
• There is room for its power capacity to be increased

7 - Sunrun Brightbox
Are you looking for a lithium-ion battery that can power your home’s solar system? Do you know that very few batteries can meet your expectations like Sunrun Brightbox? It has been built to achieve one goal. This is to help in storage of power for residential homes that use solar systems. It is also internet-enabled. This enables you to monitor both power storage and usage without hassle. Some of its features are:

• It can be expanded up to around 9.3kWh
• It has a 10year warranty
• It is a compact and lightweight battery

8 - LG Chem RESU-10H
It is quite amazing how LG Chem RESU-10H has become very popular in the market today. It was manufactured in South Korea and has earned numerous positive reviews from end-users. Most solar companies will always recommend it based on the features and functionalities it has been known for.

• Its size is around 9.8kWh. This makes it one of the powerhouses you can use for a solar system without any worries.
• Due to how battery cells have been layered or arranged, there is no fear of failure.
• It is highly durable
• Its lifecycles are up to 4000
• It comes with a 10-year warranty

9 - KiloVault CHLX
When it comes to generating energy in cold weather conditions, it is easy to conclude that KiloVault CHLX is one of the best around. You will agree that very few batteries can carry out such function comfortably. There is its in-built heating system that is worth mentioning. This ensures that your battery does not freeze whenever the temperature is cold.

KiloVault CHLX comes with 5000 lifecycles. This means its lifespan expectancy is perfect. Furthermore, its outer casing is strong and durable. Finally, its solar storage potentials are huge.

10 - Delta BX6.3
There is no doubt that Delta BX6.3 has made lots of headlines in the past. This is due to the its powerful features. With this, you can experience maximum comfort. It is highly flexible thus, can be installed on existing or new solar panels. More of its features are:

• It does not contain cobalt. This makes it easier for recycling after its life has ended
• The battery can work under extremely hot conditions. There is no risk of fire outbreak
• It is durable and compact

lithium ion batteries for home off grid use
lithium ion batteries for home off grid use

These are the best li-ion batteries for your solar system. They are definitely going to offer you value for money once installed. Just choose any one from the above options.For more about best lithium-ion solar battery for home off-grid power system use,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at for more info.

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