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Best Lithium-Ion Solar Battery For Off-Grid Living Solar Power System - Are They Really Good?

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Best Lithium-Ion Solar Battery For Off-grid Living Solar Power System - Are They Really Good?


There is every reason to believe that battery technology has advanced over the years. Some time ago, end-users could queue up to use deep cycled batteries for their solar systems. This was simply because they believed the batteries could serve a particular purpose which is helping their solar systems to store power. However, such era is phasing out gradually as the advent of lithium-ion batteries seem to be making lots of headlines. This is due to how they have been manufactured with advanced and sophisticated features.


Are you wondering what makes the best lithium-ion solar battery to be good? Do you know that these batteries are good value for money given their unique features and functionalities? This post will be aiming to explain why li-ion batteries are the best for solar systems. Even if you have used deep cycle batteries or other conventional batteries before now, there is every reason to go for an upgrade today. The best lithium-ion solar battery can offer you such without any compromise.

Read the details below on why you need to start looking out for the best lithium-ion solar battery. They are always a complete definition of modern comfort and reliability.

More Charge Cycles

If you are looking for a way to get good value for money, it is recommended to always choose an li-ion battery for your solar system. This is due to their impressive charging cycles. By this, we simply mean the number of times that a battery needs to be recharged before it can be condemned or recycled. There are lithium-ion batteries that have charge cycles of around 3,500-5,000. This is the reason why they usually come with 5-7years warranty. There are even some with 10years warranty.

The higher the charging cycles, the more a battery is expected to last longer. It is therefore recommended that anytime you are trying to purchase the best lithium-ion solar battery, ensure to always check its charge cycles.

They Are Lightweight

This is one reason why li-ion batteries used for solar systems have become very popular in recent times. As compared to a lead acid battery, they have proven to be very compact and lightweight. For instance, a 51Ah li-ion battery can weigh around 6-7kg. This is almost the same as a 24Ah lead acid battery. It is also important to note that despite their lightweight, they have almost two times the capacity of a lead acid battery.

It means that nothing has been compromised in a lithium-ion battery. Their compact nature has been possible due to their light components like electrodes, carbon and lithium. The benefit is that you can easily carry such battery from one position to another in your home.

Key Points To Note

• The best lithium-ion solar battery has components that are light
• Although li-ion batteries are lightweight and compact, they have higher capacities than lead acid batteries

They Are Eco-Friendly

This is another area where li-ion batteries manufactured for solar systems have proven to be very powerful. It has been discovered that lead acid batteries are very dangerous. This is due to the fact that apart from having to deliver electric charge at rates which are considered to be high, they tend to release gases whenever they are being charged. These are not only toxic but can bring about explosion. The bottom line is that using lead acid batteries puts you and your loved ones in danger.

The best option you need to explore for your solar system is that of li-ion batteries. Although they contain toxic metals too, such is not in high quantity as other batteries. This is the reason why nickel-cadmium (NiCd) and lead-acid batteries have attracted lots of criticisms from experts. They contain very high amount of these elements.

Key Points To Remember

• The best lithium-ion solar battery is not dangerous or toxic
• Lead acid batteries and nickel-cadmium (NiCd) batteries contain high amount of toxic metals
• Lead acid batteries do not explode easily
• They hardly experience fire outbreak

They Require Low Maintenance

Are you looking for a battery which requires low maintenance? Do you know that such is what an li-ion solar battery can offer? In case you do not know, nickel-cadmium batteries usually have what is called “lazy effect”. This implies that whenever there is a partial discharge and it gets charged, such battery is only going to deliver that energy which has been recharged. The major way that this problem can be avoided is having to discharge them completely before recharging.

Even in lead acid batteries, you need to ensure they have a particular quantity of water on regular basis. Anything short of this can reduce their level of efficiency to a great extent. However, the best lithium-ion solar battery does not need to pass through any of these. So long as it is being stored in a place that has mild temperature, there is no doubting the fact that it will always deliver as expected.

Key Points To Note

• Lithium-ion batteries require little or no maintenance to work as expected
• Lead acid and nickel cadmium batteries need to be regularly maintained
• Lithium-ion batteries do not suffer from any kind of memory effect
• Lithium-ion batteries can last much longer than conventional batteries

Low Rate of Self-Discharge

This is another great feature of a lithium-ion battery that is used for solar systems. By discharge rate, we mean the power that such battery loses when it is not being used. Believe it not, the truth is that conventional batteries are known to discharge very high amount of power once they are not being used. However, lithium-ion batteries have very low self-discharge rate. For instance, after they have been charged, they can discharge at 5% within few hours. After that, they will lose 1-2% of power within 4weeks.



Having seen all of the above details, it is very clear that the best lithium-ion solar battery has lots of advantages over normal lead acid or nickel-based batteries. These are the reasons why many people are choosing them in the market. All you need to do is consider features of whatever you plan to purchase.For more about best lithium-ion solar battery for off-grid living solar power system,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at for more info.

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