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Tips To Identify Reputable Lithium Ion Battery Large-Scale Battery Storage Systems Manufacturers

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Tips To Identify Reputable Lithium Ion Battery Large-Scale Battery Storage Systems Manufacturers

It is easy to spot reliable large-scale battery storage systems manufacturers when you are looking in the right places. That means it will be difficult for you to identify with such companies when you search for them in the wrong locations. So, how do you find battery storage system manufacturers you can rely on? That is exactly what this post is all about.
This post will be revealing practical tips that will enable you discover reputable companies in this regard without having to stress yourself too much. Although these tips may look very simple, they have proven to be quite effective in the past.

cost projections for utility-scale battery storage
cost projections for utility-scale battery storage

Verify Their Claims
It is easy for any manufacturer to tell you that they are capable of doing anything. They can manage to convince you that they have built large-scale battery storage systems of various capacities in the past. The point is, they don’t mind telling you anything just to win you over. This is what some manufacturers are doing in the market to win the hearts of their customers.
So, you need to look for a way to verify such claims. Check if they have actually done those things they claim to have done. One way to do this is by looking through their project catalogue. Every project a company has ever partaken in is usually listed on that page. Speaking with their past clients can also help you reveal if they are capable of what they claim.

Check for Awards
This may sound strange, but it actually works. Some companies get awards based on their market share or how customers are pleased with their products. You could see something like – Company X was the best-selling large-scale battery storage systems manufacturer in the last year or so.
If you eventually patronize any of such companies, you can be sure of getting nothing short of high quality. In contrast, working with a manufacturer that has no recognition is like taking a shot in the dark. That is because you cannot be too sure of what will become the outcome of that transaction.

The Size of the Workforce Matters
It is normal for you to say that this one is none of your business. But, it is a decision that can come back to haunt you. The size of the workforce you wish to order your large-scale battery system also counts. How big the company is will determine when you will get your job ready. If the company employees are few and you are trying to place a big order, it will take longer time for the job to be completed. However, if the company has a sizeable employee base, then there is nothing stopping you from getting the order in record time.
Ordinarily, when a company is big, it is a sign that they have different departments handling different processes in the job. That makes things faster compared to when you have only a few employees doing everything all by themselves. The level of productivity will certainly be lower in the latter.

Who Is Responsible for Shipping?
As obvious as this sounds, it is very possible for you to miss it during the negotiation process. And when such large-scale battery storage systems manufacturers tell you that you are in charge of shipping, you go about telling others that they are not reputable. Whereas the issue was never sorted out in the first place.
That is why it is extremely important that you find out who is responsible from the onset. If you guys reach an agreement after negotiation, then there will not be any form of problem at the end of the day. As such, no one would feel cheated when it is time for shipping the order.

Consider the Battery Lifespan
Although large-scale batteries are based on lithium battery technology, all companies do not use exactly the same technology to formulate the final product. The implication is that some batteries are better than others. The quality of large-scale battery storage system produced by a particular manufacturer actually depends on the tech used. On the average, you can get something close to a minimum of 25years as lifespan. It can be longer than that; it all depends on the technology you are patronizing.

Certification Should Be Considered
China is a big country; its one billion plus population is evidence to that. Sometimes it can be difficult to monitor all the companies within such sphere. Therefore, one thing you can do is check for large-scale battery storage systems manufacturers that have the necessary certifications and license to run such business. This will help you narrow down your list.
Stay away from companies that are yet to acquire the appropriate certifications. No matter what they are offering you. It is usually no good at the end. However, if you still feel like taking the risk, then it is up to you since there are still a few good companies that are yet to get the required approval.

Any After-Sales Service?
You need to find out from your manufacturer if they offer such services. There have been situations where anything can happen to the battery you bought, and you may have need for technical support. It is not the best to go about looking for how to fix this on your own. The most reasonable thing is to contact the company, and they would be in the best position to recommend anyone or tell you to ship it back to them for repairs. That is why you need to ask your choice of large-scale battery storage systems manufacturers to know if they render such services.

lithium-ion battery for large-scale energy storage
lithium-ion battery for large-scale energy storage

Large-scale battery storage systems manufacturers are so many that it can be difficult and confusing to choose one that will make a good fit for you. In addition to above tips, you also need to consider the cost of such systems to know if what the manufacturer is offering is okay with your budget. Other than that, the above tips will be helpful in identifying reputable manufacturers in this regard.For more about tips to identify reputable lithium ion battery large-scale battery storage systems manufacturers,you can pay a visit to JB Battery China at for more info.

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